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Annex 34 – Thermally Driven Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling


The goal of Annex 34 is to reduce the environmental impact of heating
and cooling by the use of thermally driven heat pumps. It is based
on the results from Annex 24, ”Absorption Machines for Heating and
Cooling in Future Energy Systems”, and cooperated with the IEA-SHC task
38, “Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration”.



One of the main objectives is to quantify the economic, environmental
and energy performance of integrated thermally driven heat pumps in
cooling and heating systems in a range of climates, countries and
applications. From this, those areas and applications with the greatest
environmental benefit, the best economics and the greatest market
potential will be identified.



The following task-sharing activities have been carried out by
the participants:



Publications and results

The deliverables of the Annex include:

  • This internet website.
  • A description of a standard to determine COPs of thermally drivenheat pumps and sorption material properties.
  • An online database about sorption materials for heat pumps and their properties.
  • A reference guide describing presently available thermally driven systems with their applications. Existing software tools, their application and users' experience, are also included.
  • Two workshops with proceedings. The presentations from Zurich and Vienna are now available.
  • A final report describing the work carried out under the Annex.
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